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All lessons are taught in-person and one-on-one.

We offer a variety of services to help students and families meet their learning objectives. Through one-on-one lessons, we provide intensive, individualized educational interventions and case management to students with learning disabilities and differences. In addition, we offer support to students in need of enrichment services, standardized test preparation, alternative schooling solutions, and homeschool programming. Our practice serves students from preschool through college.

Eval Anchor


Our evaluation is vital to our work, as it gauges your child's current levels of functioning in order to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in his or her learning profile. We use a variety of measures during our evaluations, including standardized tests of cognition, achievement, processing, and language abilities, a background review, rating scales and additional supplemental tests.

Why is an evaluation necessary for my child?

An evaluation is the first necessary step in ensuring that our therapy services are as individualized, pinpointed, and beneficial as possible. Evaluations give us a clear, comprehensive and up to date picture of your child's needs before starting one-on-one lessons. Evaluations directly inform each student's individualized learning strategies and lesson plan.

What if my child had recent testing?

If your child has recently had neuropsychological, psycho-educational, or other relevant testing, we will tailor our intake evaluation accordingly. We do not repeat valid measures that have been taken in the past two years. We are happy to gather data from prior testing done by other professionals and supplement with any remaining tests. 

How long will an evaluation take?

Most evaluations require 12-16 hours for completion and are typically divided into shorter sessions that each last for 2-3 hours. A post-evaluation meeting is then scheduled 5-6 weeks after the completion of the intake, during which Erin and Sarah present parents with an extensive report containing data, analysis, and program recommendations. Lessons can be scheduled to begin before or after this meeting, depending on parent preference.

1:1 Lessons


After your child has completed an intake evaluation, we will design a lesson plan to address your child's individual learning needs. We implement this lesson plan in at least two weekly one-on-one lessons. During these weekly sessions, students are paired with one of our learning specialists. All of our instruction is dynamic, explicit, and multisensory, and our techniques are research-based.

When do school-year lessons take place?

Students in need of remedial instruction attend lessons at our practice for a minimum of four hours each week (typically scheduled in two 2-hour lessons) during our office's school-year hours; from September through June, we are open Monday-Thursday from 8am-8:30pm. We will work with you to recommend a weekly schedule that will best fit the needs of your child

When do summer lessons take place?

We offer one-on-one lessons during our ten-week summer session, which runs from mid-June through August. During your preferred summer weeks, lessons are scheduled four days a week (Monday-Thursday) for 2, 4, or 6-hour slots. In total, summer programs are a minimum of 56 hours; accelerated programs are 80 hours or more.

How long will my child need lessons?

Our teaching targets the underlying cognitive, processing, and tool skills of learning. The rate at which a student is able to build these foundational skills will dictate his or her personal timeline, and every child is different. Typically, our students attend lessons with us for one to three years in total.

Remedial Gap Year

GAP-YEAR & Homeschool

What is a gap-year?

Occasionally, a student may require more intensive, immediate intervention in order to address significant deficits that are inhibiting learning in a traditional setting. In this case, our practice offers full-day remedial programming (four days each week) so that the student’s needs can be most efficiently addressed.

What is ETCP homeschool?

We offer homeschooling services for students and families seeking an alternative to a traditional school setting. Our homeschool students sometimes need a combination of remedial and grade-level instruction, or they sometimes just require individualized delivery of grade-level content.



We have extensive experience in preparing students for various standardized tests, including the ISEE®, SSAT®, HSPT®, COOP®, PSAT®, SAT®, & ACT®. All test prep work is completely individualized to meet specific student needs and carefully target areas for growth. This type of work does not require an intake evaluation; rather, standardized test prep lessons begin with an initial interview and the administration of a complete, timed test to gather baseline data. 

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